How far in advance do I have to book a flight?

Whether you book far in advance or the day you arrive, in the end we depend on mother nature. Just give us a call and let's see what we can do for you. 


What's the maximum weight for Hang Gliding?

In general we have a weight limit of 90 kg / 220 lbs. In the end it's all about your ability to do a good strong run downhill. 


How and when do we pay?

Online Bookings you pay in advance by CC. If you book direct by E-mail or phone-call, you can pay after the flight. 


Where do we meet?

We can meet at any place in Interlaken. Just give us exact details and we pick you up. 


How long does the flight last?

A normal glide down lasts about 10 min. If we are lucky and get some updrafts, we stay in the air up to 20min. 


What should the passenger bring?

Good running shoes and a windbreaker would be great. Otherwize we can provide apropriate clothing and shoes. 


How many people can fly at the same time?

We can take up to 4 people in one turn. Please let us know in advance when you are group of several people. 


What happens if weather is bad?

If weather is bad, we reschedule the flight for later in the day or even the followong day, if you have time. 


What's the difference to Paragliding?

Hang Gliding is faster and gives a more intense feeling of flying like a bird, because we fly flat and head forward! 


Why is Hang Gliding more expensive than Paragliding?

Hang Gliding takes more time and there are only a few places in the world, where you can hang glide. 


Is Hang Gliding safe?

We fly everyday and have a strong command of knowledge on weather conditions. We pride ourselves on a safe track record and allow enough time to make the right decisions for our passengers and personal safety.


Can I bring my own camera?

You can bring your phone or a small pocket camera to take-off to take a few pictures before and after. Security reasons do not allow passengers to use cameras in the air. 


Frequently Asked Questions